Hydrospeed and Rafting In the Pyrenees, Huesca

RaftingRafting in the Pyrenees, in the rivers of the province of Huesca, is one of the most popular activities. In addition to rafting, hydrospeed and kayaking are the most popular activities in rivers with a high flow.

Since there are no rivers in the Sierra de Guara with the ideal characteristics for rafting, it is necessary to move north, looking for the great rivers of the Pyrenees, such as the Esera, the Gallego, the Ara, etc.

Rafting in the Pyrenees

Rafting consists of going down the river, riding on a raft, and getting around the rapids with the help of oars. The rafts usually have 6 to 8 occupants and the descents last around 2 hours. Each boat is guided by a professional guide.

Unlike rafting, in which we all ride on a boat, in hydrospeed each participant carries a kind of aerodynamic iron on which he or she rests halfway up the body, with his or her legs in the water and his or her feet fitted with fins to facilitate propulsion. Contact with water is more direct.


Canoa_doble Hidrospeed

Canoeing, like rafting, is a fun activity aimed at everyone. With some basic technical notions, taught by our professionals, the canoe allows you to sail independently and visit places that are difficult to reach by other means.

Emotion and laughter in an adventure activity ideal to enjoy with your loved ones, and a perfect complement to canyoning activities.

Rates Aguas Bravas

Activity Minimum age Price / Person
Family Rafting I 8 years 30 €
Rafting II 12 years 37 €
Hidrospeed 16 years 40 €
Canoa 14 years 35 €
Material provided by the customer Material provided by the company
Closed footwear that can be wet, bathing suit, sunscreen, and accessories for shower Boat, helmet, life jacket, shovel, wetsuit
Requirements for Rafting Practice Duration
It is mandatory to know how to swim 1 day or 1/2 day.
Personnel What is included in the price
Qualified and specialized guides. Internal transport, individual and collective material, certified guide service, individual first aid insurance

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