Meet the team

More than 30 years of experience

One of the pioneering canyoning companies in Spain.

Our beginnings

We started more than 25 years ago in a haystack in Alquézar, buying a few wetsuits and the odd rucksack;

At that time, our clients were foreigners who came to the Sierra de Guara attracted by its spectacular landscapes;

The sport was not professionalised, but the BOOM of canyoning had already begun…
We were there!

Sierra de Guara

Since then we have been growing along with the fame of Sierra de Guara.

Considered the best place in Europe and one of the best places in the world for canyoning.

During these 25 years of professional activity, we have tried to spread and make accessible a fabulous world of water, rock and light awaits you!

Alfonso Puicercús

Founder and canyoning sports technician

Experience in the sector

My passion for sport and nature has led me to collaborate in television programmes as an adventure sports specialist and mountain guide;

He has also collaborated in the programme “Hora Punta” with Javier Cárdenas; He is also a regular and well-known face in AragonTV programmes.

  • Mountain Guide EEAM
  • Canyoning Guide EEAM
  • Qualified Teacher of
  • Skiing by the EEE
  • Ski and Climbing Specialist
  • Climbing by EMMOE
  • Rescue specialist by EMMOE.


Native of Alquézar-Huesca. Pioneer guide of canyoning in Spain with more than 30 years of experience.

One of the youngest people in the country to obtain the “Official Mountain Guide Diploma”.

He has demonstrated his great professionalism with thousands of clients in all the canyons and mountains of the Sierra de Guara, Pyrenees, Alps and other mountain ranges.

Ugo guía de barranquismo en Avalancha


Canyoning Guide

Born in Monzón (Huesca). Like a brother to Alfonso, they have been together for more than 25 years, seeing how canyoning has evolved from the old days to the present day.

He is a multifaceted man, with an affable and calm character. He defines himself as “Apprentice of everything, master of nothing”.

He is currently the manager of Avalancha and head guide, in charge of organisation and management.


Canyoning Guide

Javi is Avalancha’s oldest active guide. Brother of Ugo, and from Monzón, like him, he has been spreading his vital joy and sympathy to his clients since 2002.

With boundless, tireless energy, he is a safe, efficient and versatile guide, as he adapts to all kinds of clients: young, fun-loving people, families and above all children, who adore him. J

avi is a guarantee of splendid canyoning days.


Canyoning Guide

Spearhead of the Avalancha Team, together with Javi, after 15 years with us.

Born in Barcelona and Aragonese by adoption. He is a guide with nerve and very dynamic. He knows how to get the most out of the descents, offering his clients everything that can surprise, thrill or amuse them.

He loves the jumps and he entertains with his capers. Passionate and a great connoisseur of the geology, botany and other treasures of Guara.


Canyoning Guide

His relationship with the Guara canyons goes back to the 90s.

In winter he is a ski instructor. He loves action sports: paragliding, climbing, mountaineering… He is a disciplined guide with great temperance and experience.

With him, the descents are very safe and relaxed.

In the last few years, he has also joined the office management.


Canyoning Guide

Professional guide for 10 years. Born in the pre-Pyrenees of Lleida.

With a cheerful and good-humoured character, he combines his work as a canyoning guide with that of ski instructor in Baqueira.

A true man of the countryside and nature, he does not hesitate to get on his tractor to work the farm or to travel kilometres through the forest looking for truffles.

He is a calm and sure-footed guide… rushing doesn’t suit him. “A canyon is not a racetrack”, he says.


Canyoning Guide

Excellent guide of the Aragonese quarry, from the city of Huesca, he has been professionally active for more than 15 years.

For the last 6 years, he has been an active member of the Avalancha Family.

He has a deep knowledge of the orography of the rivers, and when he is not descending them as a guide, he does so as a fly fisherman, a discipline in which he excels.

He is a robust and mountainous guide, well acquainted with the canyons of the mountains and the Pyrenees.

He loves strong flows and has tried his hand at canyons on two continents.


Canyoning Guide

Raúl is the company’s pipiolo guide. He is from Monzón (Huesca).

Officially he has been part of the team of guides for 2 seasons; although his uncle Javi introduced him to canyoning and, for more than 10 years, he has been his squire and apprentice accompanying him on hundreds of descents.

Once qualified, he has become a resolute guide, capable of demonstrating an excellent level.

With a jovial and cheerful character, he offers his clients safe and fun descents.

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