Alfonso Puicercús

The face of canyoning in the Sierra de Guara

I am the founder of Avalancha, my name is Alfonso Puicercús and I was born in Huesca in 1972. My family has been from Alquézar all my life, my great-grandfather being the Secretary of Alquézar. I grew up in the heart of the Sierra de Guara. It is there that I discover my passion for nature, the mountains and the ravines.

When I was 14 years old I already knew the river well because I had gone many times with my father and brother, and I had the opportunity to take a group of Dutch tourists to do the Vero River. I didn’t hesitate, with a t-shirt and a swimsuit (I didn’t even know what a wetsuit was) I accompanied them to the tour.

The arrival of more and more people to visit the canyons of the Vero River in a playful way made me see the business opportunity doing something as satisfactory as making known the wonders that nature has given us in the Sierra de Guara.

At the age of 17, this knowledge of the landscapes of the Sierra de Guara led me to become the first guide of cave paintings in the cultural park of the Vero River. I was accompanying the archaeologists who came to show them the caves and I trained with the archaeologist Vicente Baldelló, one of the discoverers of the caves.

I was also a ski mountaineering specialist at the Special Operations Mountain Military School. Climbing specialist from the same school. Because of my training, I was selected for army rescue operations in Candanchú.

In addition to all this, I have been a ski teacher at the Spanish Ski School for many years.

The origin of Avalanche

For a while I was accompanying people in a personal capacity to teach them the river until in 1992 I decided to found Avalanche. I rent a hayloft in the village, put some wetsuits and start with little else.

Little by little, tourists are arriving in the town while I am training more, especially with French guides. We began to train guides and the company became more and more known. All this leads me to be a finalist for the Young Entrepreneur of Aragon award.

Alfonso Puicercús in the media

I have a degree in Marketing and Communication, and my first appearances in national TV media will be in the mid-90s.

Collaborating in television programs as an adventure sports specialist and mountain guide. He has also collaborated in the programme “Hora Punta” with Javier Cárdenas. He is also a regular and well-known face in AragonTV programmes.

My business side coexists with my desire to get to know new places and continue enjoying nature.

An affectionate greeting to all users who read me.

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