Hiking in Huesca

Huesca is a paradise for hiking lovers, offering a variety of routes that cross breathtaking landscapes. From easy hikes for beginners to challenging high mountain trails, you’ll find the perfect tour for you here. Enjoy the natural beauty of Huesca as you discover its mountains, valleys, and rivers. Hiking in Huesca is an experience you should not miss!

Hiking in the Sierra de Guara

The Sierra de Guara is famous for its spectacular geology and its diversity of trails and ravines. This natural park is ideal for hikers looking for adventures in a unique environment. Ride routes such as Circular of the Camino Real de Mascún-Dolmen de Losa Mora-Otín, Ascent to the Pico de Guara, or the Route to the Hermitage of San Martín de la Val d’Onsera and marvel at the landscapes of canyons, ravines, and rock formations, as well as abandoned villages in the middle of the beautiful Sierra de Guara. Get to know the native fauna and flora while enjoying the best hiking in the Sierra de Guara.

Discover with us the Hiking in Alquézar

Alquézar, a picturesque medieval village, is the perfect starting point for the best hiking trails in the region. From here, you can venture along trails such as the Route of the Footbridges of the River Vero or the Path of the Stairs of Lecina, Alquézar-Asque Route that will take you through stunning landscapes and panoramic views. Immerse yourself in history and nature with our hiking trails in Alquézar, ideal for all levels.

senderismo con Avalancha en Alquezar
Senderismo con Avalancha en Huesca
Senderismo en la Sierra de Guara
Senderismo por Sierra de Asba y Betorz con Avalancha

Plan Your Hiking Adventure in Huesca, Sierra de Guara and Alquézar

Don’t wait any longer to discover the natural wonders of Huesca, the Sierra de Guara and Alquézar. Book your hiking excursion with us and enjoy a unique experience in one of the most beautiful environments in Spain. We offer guided tours for all levels, ensuring a safe and enriching adventure. Contact us and start planning your next hiking hike in these stunning destinations.

Frequently asked questions hiking Huesca

We offer a variety of hiking trails in Huesca with durations ranging from half a day to multi-day excursions, adapted to different levels of difficulty and preferences.

In the Sierra de Guara we have hiking trails for all levels of difficulty, from easy and family-friendly hikes to more demanding routes for experienced hikers.

For a hiking excursion in Alquézar, we recommend wearing comfortable and resistant shoes, appropriate clothing for the weather, water, sunscreen, and a snack or light meal. You can also bring a camera to capture the amazing landscapes.

Yes, hiking trails in Huesca can be done all year round, but spring and autumn are the most recommended times due to the pleasant temperatures and the landscape at its best.

Yes, all our hiking trails in the Sierra de Guara include expert local guides who know the area, its history and nature well, ensuring a safe and enriching experience.

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