Canyoning with children!

Fun, nature and fairy-tale landscapes... It's time to enjoy with the family!

We adapt 100% to the age and preferences of the children.

  • Always looking for the easiest alternative for anyone in the family to enjoy;
  • Short and fun canyons, with no need for experience.
  • Low physical/sporting load, just focus on having fun!

Is canyoning safe for them?

Crystal clear pools, natural slides, hidden caves, lots of fun and 100% safe... it's ideal for the kids!

How do we do it?

From 6 years old

About three hours inside the canyon.

Full wetsuit, booties, harness and helmet. Professional guide, medical and civil liability insurance.

  • Swimming costume and towel
  • Sun cream
  • Sports footwear (light trekking shoes/boots). If you wish you can rent them with us
  • Food and water. We also offer service
  • Car for commuting

Know how to swim and have no illness or pathology incompatible with the activity.

55/60 €/person

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